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Monthly Pastor Lunch

The Cutting Board, Ramada Road in Burlington

11:30am                    2nd Monday of each month

Coats for the City​

Now - September 30th - Collection Dates

October 1st - Drop Off Deadline


MZBA ANNUAL MEETING - Glencoe Baptist Church

October 16th               6:30pm 

           Followed by "The Joy Event" at 7:00PM             




Minister’s Appreciation Dinner

October 5th          6:30 - 8:30pm


Senior Adult Lunch and Learn – 11:00 am – 1:00pm



                                         September 14th     Glencoe Baptist Church
                                                                            “What’s the Plan?” - Navigating Medicare Enrollment

                                                                             Jeanie Schepisi, NC Dept of Insurance, S.H.I.I.P Program


                                         November 2nd       Riverside Baptist Church
                                                                            “The Language of Love
” - How can God use Yours?

                                                                             Garry Gates, AMS, Mt. Zion Association


Church Safety and Security Seminar


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Conference


Youth & College Area Wide Conference


Marriage and Family Conference 

Other Events with NC Baptists

For more information on these events and more, visit:

Please Note.  The dates and times of the 2023 proposed calendar are subject

to change based on future availabilities of venues and speakers.

MZBA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any event due to low enrollment.


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